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How Do I Get a Replacement Assurance Wireless Phone

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If you’ve ever had a smartphone, chances are that it has stopped working or is not being recognized by your wireless provider. How to get and use one of the replacement phone options in this article will help make sure your next device works better than before.

The “how do i get a replacement government phone” is a common question. You can get a replacement assurance wireless phone from the government website.

How Do I Get a Replacement Assurance Wireless Phone

Have you heard of Assurance Wireless before? This is one of the Lifeline Assistance program’s participating service providers. It’s important to understand that Assurance Wireless is wholly owned by Virgin Mobile and is recognized for providing free phones and low-cost mobile phone service to low-income workers and government program users. The carrier is now offered in 40 states throughout the United States. As a result, you may apply for a free government phone and use this carrier’s services in your state.

If your Assurance Wireless government phone was lost or stolen after you applied for it, you may now obtain a replacement by following the Assurance Wireless procedures. Even better, you may request a Upgrade your phone. and use this carrier’s services on a better smartphone than the one you now have. We’ll go through how to acquire a new Assurance Wireless phone, as well as other connected topics, in full in this post.

Is Assurance Wireless a Phone Replacement?

Yes. As previously indicated, you may now replace your Assurance Wireless device if it is lost or stolen. Even better, you have the option to replace it if it is severely damaged. However, these aren’t the only reasons why most people are thinking about getting rid of their Assurance phones.

For example, if a certain feature isn’t functioning well, you may wish to replace the complete gadget for convenience. Connectivity features, text messages, call interference, and other characteristics are among them. Even better, if a critical component such as the speaker or touch screen fails, you can choose to replace the entire device.

In addition, if you’re having trouble upgrading the phone’s operating system or it’s running slowly, you might try changing it on the move. Finally, if the equipment is old or obsolete, replacing it may be the only option to satisfy your current communication requirements. You may replace your Assurance Wireless phone if you are a victim of such conditions.

Replacement Policy for Wireless Phones by Assurance

If you need to replace your Assurance Wireless phone, you must first understand the replacement policy. These are the following:

  • If your phone is stolen or lost, you will be required to pay a modest price to replace it.
  • If, however, your phone breaks or becomes defective inside the first year, you will not be charged anything to replace it. This is due to the fact that the item will be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty usually lasts 12 months after the equipment is delivered to the user.
  • If your phone has broken or is malfunctioning for any reason, please call 1-888-321-5880 to speak with a customer service representative. After that, you will be directed on how to get your phone replaced.
  • In terms of replacement phones, you may or may not get the identical device that you were previously using. Alternatively, you might acquire a new model that works just as well as the last one.

How Do I Get a Replacement Assurance Wireless Phone

Why Should You Get a New Assurance Wireless Phone?

Even if you applied for and received a free government phone from Assurance Wireless, there are reasons why you may want to replace it. These are some of the reasons:

Upgrade your phone.

It’s possible that your existing Assurance Wireless phone is old or out of date. If this is the case, it may not be able to provide the services you need. When you browse the internet, for example, it may become more sluggish.

It may also be impossible to upgrade the current operating system at times. You won’t have any other choice except to replace it in this instance. You will acquire a more efficient model that will satisfy all of your phone demands if you replace it.

If the phone is misplaced or damaged,

You may be pushed to replace the Assurance Wireless phone since it was lost or stolen, in addition to the phone being obsolete or old. After all, it’s almost difficult to go a day without using a phone. This is because you need your phone to contact with friends and family, do business, work, study, and even seek emergency healthcare services online.

Procedure for Replacing a Wireless Phone with Confidence

When it comes to replacing Assurance Wireless phones, you can be certain that you will have no problems since the process is simple and quick. The procedure is as follows:

  • If your phone has been missing, lost, or damaged, you should first call customer service at 1-888-321-5880 before addressing the problem.
  • Here’s where you should inquire about getting a free replacement phone.
  • After then, the customer service representative on the other end will inform you of the available alternatives. You should write a report as soon as possible for best results. You may be certain that no one will utilize the remaining account amount if you do so.

You should be aware that you may be charged a modest cost for the shipping procedure in this case. This is not always the case, and you may get a free replacement within a few days after submitting your request. These are some of the possibilities that the agent will provide to you so that you can make an educated selection.

Is it possible to replace my Assurance phone over the internet?

Yes. You may now replace your Assurance phone online, in addition to contacting customer service as described above. To begin with;

  • To get started, go to and enter your information.
  • Then, fill out an application form with your information and your ZIP code. As you fill out the forms, be sure that the information you submit is accurate and correct.
  • Finally, fax or email the completed form to Assurance Wireless. If you have any questions, you may call the phone support service for assistance. 

If my Assurance Wireless phone is lost, how can I deactivate it?

Contact the customer support department at 1-888-321-5880 to deactivate your stolen or lost Assurance Wireless device. You should contact them as soon as possible to ensure that no one else uses your account’s remaining amount.

Once you’ve reached out to a customer service representative, you should feel free to tell them what occurred and ask them to deactivate the phone for you. The employee on the other end will either temporarily stop your service or permanently deactivate your phone.

What Can I Do If My Phone Isn’t Replaced by Assurance Wireless?

In the vast majority of cases, Assurance Wireless will do everything possible to replace your lost or stolen phone. As previously said, they may replace the phone for you free of charge or charge you a lower amount for this service.

If Assurance Wireless fails to replace your phone, you may now contact your insurance company and file a phone replacement claim. If, on the other hand, the equipment must be insured by that company,

You should make a claim with Assurance Wireless first and then wait for their answer for best results. As previously said, you may call the customer service staff at 1-888-321-5880 and tell them your tale.

Several firms are now available to assist you in filing your claim. Aside from that, these businesses may assist you in tracking your claim and even following it through to completion. Asurion is one of these respected firms. Aside from Asurion, is a viable option. It’s important to remember that the latter option runs on Asurion’s platform.

To begin, go to the websites of any of these businesses and choose your chosen service provider. You may choose Assurance Wireless in this instance. The good news is that they are compatible with a broad range of carriers.

As a result, you will not be able to overlook one that provides a free government phone. Then you must submit your claim. You may be certain that with this platform in place, you will be able to track the status of your phone’s claim.

When you believe your carrier is infringing on your rights as a customer, it is critical to consider the services of the firms listed above. Even better, if the corporation fails to honor the warranty that came with your gadgets, these firms can assist you in following up on your claims.   

However, if you want to use the services of the organizations listed above, you must confirm that your phone is covered by a warranty and has special insurance. If these characteristics are lacking, you may be confident that filing a claim on these sites will be fruitless.

Replacement Phone List for Assurance Wireless 

If you wish to replace your Assurance Wireless phone because it was lost, damaged, or stolen, know that you won’t receive the identical model you had before. The carrier will provide the phone that is available at the time, much as the free government phone. The following are some of the models that may be used as replacements:

  • Aspire T40C by LG
  • LG Optimus F3 is a smartphone manufactured by LG.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro is a retro phone from Alcatel.
  • Samsung Entro is a mobile phone by Samsung.
  • Illumnia Coolpad
  • Kyocera Hydro Reach is a brand of Kyocera.
  • DuraForce XV+ by Kyocera
  • Prestige 2 by ZTE
  • Tempo X by ZTE
  • Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Uni
  • Rapidz ANS
  • Wiko Life ANS
  • Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL Uni Uni

It may be impossible to predict which specific models will be available as replacement devices for these models. This is due to the fact that the availability of these devices changes when new phones enter the market. However, you can be certain that you will get a new model that meets your current phone requirements.

What Should I Do If My Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone Isn’t Working?

The next step is to activate your Assurance Wireless replacement phone after you’ve received it. After all, this is the only way you may use the Assurance Wireless service once again. You should take the following procedures to activate your replacement model:

  • To begin, press and hold your mobile device’s power button. Then, in order for your device to connect to the Assurance Wireless network, activate hands-free activation. The phone will then check for any available updates. After that, the gadget will shut off.
  • Turn the device on and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Most of the time, they will be prompts asking whether you want to modify your phone or not. You may bypass the setup screen and ring 611 instead.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen after dialing 611.
  • During the activation procedure, you’ll be prompted for your Assurance Wireless account PIN. If you’re looking for this PIN, it’ll be at the top of the Assurance Wireless approval letter. You’ll be set to go after you enter this PIN.

You’ll be able to activate both your new phone and your Assurance Wireless account by following these instructions. The current amount will be transferred to the phone, allowing you to use the gadget anyway you like.

Allowing your device to complete all pending upgrades is recommended for best results. If you have any problems during the activation procedure, call the Assurance Wireless customer service staff from another phone and they will assist you.

Warranty Policy for Wireless Phones from Assurance

To begin with, all Assurance Wireless phones come with a one-year guarantee from different phone manufacturers. Assurance Wireless does not offer this guarantee; instead, it is given by the manufacturers.   

As a result, if your equipment stops working during the first 12 months, you need not be concerned since the manufacturer’s 1-year guarantee will cover the cost of repair.

Even better, you may be able to acquire a new phone for free. To put things in perspective, the one-year warranty for new phones guarantees that if your phone breaks down during the first year, you will be replaced with a new one.

Aside from that, in order to replace your phone, you must be able to provide the date you purchased it as well as the receipt you were given at the time of purchase. Finally, the warranty benefits are solely available to the owner. Furthermore, this guarantee cannot be transferred.

Because the aforementioned warranty is delicate, it is always best to contact the Assurance Wireless customer service staff at 1-888-321-5880. Here, you will get much-needed advice on the exact actions you must do in order to receive your replacement as soon as possible. Even better, you may get assistance from a local Assurance Wireless specialist near you.

If the phone breaks or becomes defective after the first year, you will have to pay a little fee to replace it. The same is true if you need your gadgets to be fixed.

If you are a victim of this situation, you should not attempt to resolve it on your own. Instead, call 1-888-321-5880 and explain your situation to Assurance Wireless customer service. You will get the much-needed insights that will assist you in getting started.

What Should I Do If My Assurance Wireless Phone Goes Missing?

If you’ve misplaced or lost your phone, there are a few things you may do to find it down.

  1. First and foremost, dial your phone number from a different phone and listen to see if it rings. You’ll be able to hear the gadget ringing if it’s close enough. Even better, if someone has already secured it, you may instruct them to hold it for you until you arrive to pick it up. If you are unable to see them, you may request that they ship the equipment to you.
  2. You may also utilize the Find My Smartphone function on your Android or iPhone device instead of this option.

For Android devices, log in to your Google account on a tablet or laptop and then type ‘Find My Android Phone’ into the Google search box. 

After there, scroll down until you see a result that says ‘Find your phone-My Account-Google.’ After that, click the result and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you lose your iPhone, you may use another Apple device to enter into your iCloud account and activate the Find My app. After that, choose ‘Find My iPhone’ and sign in using your Apple ID.

You’ll see a list of linked devices on your screen after you’ve signed in. Choose your iPhone from the list of devices, and then check the map on your screen to see where your misplaced Assurance Wireless phone is.

To use the Find My Device function, make sure your misplaced device is connected to the internet and switched on. Furthermore, the Find My Device option must be enabled. Finally, the missing device’s location services must be turned on.

If the measures listed above do not provide the desired results, it is critical that you contact your service provider. The staff here will not only provide you advice on how to trace your missing phone, but they will also assist you in filing a police complaint.

Once you’ve reached out to a customer service representative, you’ll need to supply more information, such as:

  • Your phone’s manufacturer and model number
  • A thorough description of the phone you’ve misplaced. You may sketch out some of its distinguishing characteristics here.
  • When you misplaced or lost your Assurance wireless phone, the precise time and date.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing An Assurance Wireless Phone?

It is important to understand that if you lose, misplace, or damage your Assurance Wireless phone, you may be charged for a replacement. To receive a new gadget, you’ll usually have to pay a $20 replacement cost.

The amount you’ll be charged is mostly determined on your account balance. As a result, you may wind up paying a little cost for a new gadget or receiving a free replacement.

How long does it take for Assurance Wireless to send you a replacement phone?

The time it takes to receive a replacement is largely determined on where you live. It may take a few days to get a new phone, and it may take up to a week in certain cases.

Are There Any Difference Between Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement And Upgrade your phone.?

Yes. There is a distinction between these two services, even though Assurance Wireless deals with replacement and upgrades. To begin, a phone replacement is a gadget that is purchased to replace a phone that has been lost, stolen, or broken.

On the other hand, a Upgrade your phone. refers to the purchase of a refurbished or new phone. Unlike the current phone, the new or refurbished phone always has better features and can thus meet your needs.

Final Thoughts

If your Assurance Wireless device is damaged or lost, you may be certain that you will be able to replace it quickly. All you have to do is call 1-888-321-5880 and explain your problem to a customer service representative. Better still, go to and fill out the form there with your information. Then, send it in for consideration. Consider all of the points we’ve made thus far, and you’ll have an Assurance Wireless replacement phone in no time.

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