This article will show the steps to delete files on a Chromebook. A number of users have reported that they are unable to find how to navigate and remove files from their computer system. This article provides instructions for deleting all types of data, including photos, videos, music and documents by using this cleanup tool.

Chromebooks are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The downside is that they need a lot of space for their operating system and other programs, so deleting files from your Chromebook can be difficult. To delete files on a Chromebook, you must first open the Files app and locate the file or folder that you want to remove. Click on the trashcan icon in the top right corner of the window and then click “Remove.”

While removing files on Chromebooks is pretty simple, novice users may be puzzled since certain of the folders on the Chromebook’s native file manager — Recent, Audio, Images, and Videos — only display read-only files, which means you can’t remove them. Furthermore, folders on the Play files tab of My files cannot be removed directly.

Find the original file’s location and delete it from there if you want to remove any form of file, including documents, audio, video, photos, and camera data.

The Play files tab contains the actual files of applications, Downloads contains any downloaded media or screenshots, and the Camera folder contains any picture or video taken with your Chromebook’s camera. In the Files app, all three folders display under My files.


We’ve covered the following four topics to help you delete files on your Chromebook.

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The keyboard combination ALT + Backspace is the quickest method to remove files on a Chromebook.


Simply locate the file you want to remove, select it, and then hit the keyboard shortcut combination.

If you’re having trouble finding the file, the instructions below should help.

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The integrated file management software Files is one of the simplest methods to remove any file on a Chromebook, including music, picture, video, and document. While third-party tools such as File Manager may be used to remove any files on a Chromebook, the Files app does the job quite well.

Step 1: On your Chromebook, open the Files app.


We’ll be deleting files from our camera roll here. Use the same procedure to remove files from any other folder.

Step 2: Go to My Files and choose Camera. Then, from the choices on the window’s top-right, choose the file you wish to remove and click the Trash Can icon.


Step 3: Select the Delete button on the popup to confirm your decision.


Note: When you remove a file from the Downloads folder, it is permanently destroyed.

By selecting numerous files with the mouse or Shift + Arrow keys, you may remove them all at once.

If your Chromebook supports touch, you may long-press on a single file until a tick mark appears to the left of the file name, then single-tap the rest of the options.


Then, from the top-right menu, pick the Trash Can symbol, and then Delete on the confirmation box.


While the files app does not display all of the files generated by Play Store applications, it does show any file you’ve made or saved in an app on your Chromebook. You may remove these files in Chrome in the same way you do any other file.

Step 1: Go to My files and choose Play files. Then, from the choices on the window’s top-right, choose the file you wish to remove and click the Trash Can icon.


Step 2: Select the Delete button on the popup to confirm your decision.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant I delete files on Chromebook?

A: Chromebooks are designed to only be able to delete files on external storage, not the device itself.

Where is the delete button in files on Chromebook?

A: On the top left of each file, youll see a little X with an arrow on it. Thats your delete button!

How do you quickly delete files on a Chromebook?

A: I have no idea what you are talking about.

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