I. Introduction A Penny Floor is an innovative and unique way to bring a classic, timeless look to any room in your home. By installing pennies in a grid pattern, you can create a beautiful, durable and long lasting floor that will turn heads and last for years to come.

A. Overview of Penny Floor Installation

Installing a penny floor is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need are patience and the right supplies, tools and materials. First, you’ll need to gather all the supplies and tools needed for installation including pennies, grout, sealant, level, tape measure and saws. Then you’ll need to prepare the subfloor or underlayment for installation by cleaning it thoroughly and making sure it is even and level. Once that is done, you can then determine the layout of your penny floor by marking off the size of each tile section with painter’s tape before installing the pennies in place.

B. Benefits of Installing a Penny Floor

Installing a penny floor has many benefits beyond just creating an aesthetically pleasing look for any room in your home. It is also highly durable; pennies are designed to last for a very long time without showing signs of wear or damage so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon! And don’t forget that they are also water-resistant which makes them ideal if you live in areas with high humidity or frequent flooding events. Finally, they are also easy to clean – all you need is some gentle soap and water!

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II. Pre-Installation Steps

A. Gather Supplies and Tools Needed for Installation Before beginning installation of your penny floor, make sure that you have gathered all necessary supplies such as pennies, grout, sealant, leveler/tape measure/saw as well as any other tools or materials that may be required for installation such as sandpaper or wood glue depending on the type of subflooring used. Additionally, make sure that you have enough pennies on hand – usually around 500 coins per square foot – so that there won’t be any shortage during installation process!

B. Prepare Subfloor or Underlayment for Installation

Once all necessary supplies have been gathered together it’s time to prepare the subfloor or underlayment for installation by cleaning it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner or broom before making sure that it is even and level using a spirit level tool if available (if not use paperclips). Once this has been done then proceed onto determining the layout of your penny floor by marking off each tile section size with painter’s tape before beginning actual installation process itself!


C. Determine and Mark Layout of the Penny Floor

Once the subfloor has been prepared then mark off each tile section size with painter’s tape in order to determine where each individual penny should go when installing them in place later on during installation process itself (usually 500 coins per square foot). This will help keep everything organized throughout entire process – from start till finish!

III Installation Steps A Begin Installing Pennies in First Tile Section

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Now it’s time to install those shiny little coins into their designated places! Start by placing down pennies within first tile section while ensuring they’re evenly spaced apart from one another (around ½ inch) before continuing on with other sections until entire area has been filled out completely!

Use either grout or glue depending on type of adhesive being used at this point too – both will work just fine but just remember if using glue then let it dry completely before moving onto next step otherwise things might not stay put afterwards…

B Continue Installing Pennies Around Entire Room

Once first tile section has been completed move onto remaining sections around entire room until all tiles have been covered with shiny little coins! Be sure to continue spacing them evenly apart same way as first one was done too – this will ensure uniformity throughout entire project! If having difficulty getting pieces into certain places due their odd shapes then use scissors cut away part of coin itself until desired shape achieved (but don’t overdo otherwise could ruin overall look!)

C Fill In Open Spaces With Pennies To Create Solid Surface

With all tiles now covered begin filling up open spaces between individual coins with additional ones until desired solid surface achieved! This can take some time but end result worth effort put forth since once finished no more gaps between pieces themselves so everything looks neat & tidy when complete – perfect outcome every DIYers dreams come true!!

D Apply An Appropriate Sealant For Protection And Shine

Now it’s time apply sealant appropriate type chosen earlier (read instructions carefully beforehand ensure right product chosen!). This important step since helps protect surface from water damage while adding shine back into dulled out coins themselves too- two birds one stone sort speak if done correctly here 😉 Allow plenty drying time before moving onto next step however…

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E Allow Time For Sealant To Dry Completely Before Use

Since sealant needs plenty time dry properly before use don’t rush through this stage otherwise could cause issues down line such staining ruining overall outcome altogether so patience key here 😉 Once finished though use soft cloth wipe away excess residue left behind leaving behind beautiful shiny new looking penny floor ready enjoy !

F Reinstall Mouldings Trims Or Other Finishing Touches If Necessary

If necessary reinstall mouldings trims other finishing touches make sure everything matches up perfectly . Pay attention small details here because these often overlooked but can really add nice touch final product especially when combined coin floors themselves 😉 All said done though now its finally time …

G Enjoy Your New Penny Floor! It’s finally here:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for- enjoying brand new penny floor installed own hands!! Whether using them dress up kitchen bathroom even hallway- no matter where situated results speak themselves truly remarkable 🙂 Just remember take care maintain properly over course its lifetime ensure longer life possible 😉