Having a Samsung TV with the Tizen platform is a game-changer in the smart TV market. It offers a number of impressive features, including its screen resolution and internet connectivity. However, Samsung has integrated some features that may not suit all customers; you should make sure to protect your TV from unknown connections.

The excellent detection of smart devices and the automatic connection option in Samsung Smart TV can be really annoying if unnecessary pairing occurs. But first, you should learn how to check the Network status and see which devices are connected to your TV.

Check Network Status

Checking your internet is easy and all it takes is a few simple clicks. First, turn on your Samsung TV. Then grab a remote control and press Menu. Make sure you use the remote control and not the button on the TV itself. Select Network from the drop down menu that shows up. Select Network Status from this window. Now, you will see whether you are connected or not, as well as your IP address, your router name, and more information about your connection.

Stop Devices to Connect Samsung TV

Lo and behold, we now have another tab in the General section of our Samsung Smart TV’s settings menu named ‘Network’. It allows you to connect your Samsung smart TV with other devices so that they can connect to each other with ease and share content seamlessly. Sounds like a brilliant idea and something that would make life easier for the user. However, it also poses a security risk since any device trying to connect to your TV without permission is considered a potential threat by default. That’s why you have to take precautionary steps like disabling these unwanted devices or disconnecting them from your TV for good.

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Here’s how you can disconnect or stop any device from connecting to your Samsung TV.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV
  • Go to the TV settings using your remote control
  • Go to General and then Network
  • Choose the External Device Manager option in the Network menu.
  • Click Device Connect Manager in the list of options at the bottom.
  • Go to the device list and watch as all your devices magically appear.
  • You should see all the devices connected to (or attempting to connect with) your TV here.
  • You can click on an unrecognized device and select Deny.

Disconnecting from the TV will prevent new devices from connecting in the future and allow you to stream content uninterrupted.

When you close the window, your changes will be saved automatically.

If you ever feel that someone is snooping on your TV without your permission, repeat this process and tell the intruder to get lost.

Stop Bluetooth Pairing Requests

You can also connect to a Samsung TV wirelessly using Bluetooth. With the growing number of smartphones, computer tablets, and other smart devices that can connect via Bluetooth, it is no wonder how more and more people are experiencing unwanted Bluetooth pairing requests.

It may offer a little convenience to be able to connect quickly with a device nearby but it is equally annoying when that device gets in your way of watching something on the Samsung TV screen.

It is advisable to turn off the feature when it’s not being used so that no smart device (like a smartphone) can connect with and invade your TV.

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However, if you want to prevent devices from connecting in the future or disconnect those that are currently connected, this guide can help.

  • Go to the settings of Samsung TV
  • Press the Bluetooth option and tap on the Advanced
  • To deny access to unrecognized devices, press “Block pairing requests.”
  • Only an authentic and recognized device that is paired with your permission can pair with your TV.

Additionally, you can turn off the “nearby share” and make your device availability appear as “Hidden.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop someone trying to connect to my smart TV?

The best way to fix this problem is to get rid of all the devices connected to your Samsung TV. If you still have a device that connects automatically, make sure you disable its automatic connection feature. You can also try disconnecting the device from your Wi-Fi network and then reconnecting it.

Can someone else access my smart TV?

Smart TVs are more vulnerable than traditional sets. Because hackers can access a smart TV’s camera and microphone through malware, they may be able to infect the device by slipping their code into an update if users connect it to WiFi.

Why does my Samsung phone keep trying to connect to my TV?

Turns out, this message is actually caused by Facebook on your phone. If you’re getting this message, there’s a chance that your Facebook app is set to automatically turn on when it connects to your TV. To stop this from happening, go into the app settings and disable automatic logins for your Samsung TV.

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How do you stop your smart TV from tracking you?

If you want to stop Samsung’s software from tracking what you’re watching, turn off its ability to collect data. To do this, go to Settings > System > Smart Features > Viewing Information and click on “Disable.” This will turn off the Smart Hub feature on your TV and prevent it from collecting any information about what you’re watching.