Microsoft introduced the huddle feature in their Slack app last year. Huddles allow teams to synchronize with one another during meetings and presentations, while also taking advantage of group chat features such as file sharing, video conferencing, screen sharing and more. Call options are available for those who prefer telephone-style conversations over text or emoji.
The question is: “How do I use an old Microsoft Windows computer without a microphone?”

The “huddle slack” is a new feature in Slack that allows users to create a call with their team. The “call in windows 11” allows users to call into a meeting without having to use the phone.

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  • Slack huddles are unstructured meetings that are accessible to everyone in your office and have no set agenda.
  • You may still share your screen with your colleagues despite the fact that it is only audio-based.
  • By pressing the toggle on the left bottom side of your Slack application, you may initiate a huddle.


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You can make a voice or video call from your computer to speak with anybody in your office using Slack calls. The spontaneity of your choice determines whether you utilize a slack huddle or a call.

The huddle feature is a form of conference call, with the main distinction being that it is totally unplanned, unlike a conventional conference call.

A normal conference call is scheduled for a specified time and includes an agenda as well as a predetermined list of participants while Slack huddles are unstructured meetings that are accessible to everyone in your office and have no set agenda.

You now have access to a corporate version of the Clubhouse drop-in audio software, which was inspired by it and exclusively allows you and your colleagues to hold audio meetings. Within them, though, share screening is still feasible.

After we have a better understanding of how the former function, we will teach you how to initiate a Slack huddle versus call. Keep up with us!

What are Slack huddles and how do they work?

Slack huddles are short and simple audio calls that enable you and other members of your team to communicate in real time while working on a project.

With each new feature provided by Internet enterprises, the rate of technology disruption of conventional business approaches accelerates.

For example, the huddle function aims to imitate ordinary office talks that aren’t always focused on work-related concerns, such as lunch breaks, but are nevertheless vital (though they could be).


Despite the fact that they might be about anything, they generally revolve around a particular theme or concern.

When used in this context, the word does not relate to a planned or arranged gathering to which everyone is required to participate. They are unplanned and unstructured, with just one goal in mind: to foster conversation among those who participate.

Join any huddles that have already been set up inside your company, and you’ll be able to share your screen, participate in real-time conversations, and leave whenever you choose. It sounds just like a standard workplace talk.

It can accommodate up to 50 people at any one time. That is reasonable since any number more than that results in a swarm, with everyone talking over each other and no output at the end of the session.

In Windows 11, how can I utilize Slack huddle vs call?

1. Begin by forming a huddle.

  1. When you open a channel or DM, you’ll see a headphone symbol in the bottom left of the sidebar, which you may toggle. The huddle will begin once you toggle it.
  2. You have three buttons next to the toggle that allow you to shut your microphone, share your screen, and add participants to the call.
  3. Simply click the same headphone toggle as in the previous step to end the huddle. That concludes our discussion.

Huddles are about as spontaneous as it gets. When you or another employee starts a huddle, your coworkers will notice.

2. Make a phone call

  1. Open a channel or a DM, then under the conversation’s header, click on the channel’s or person’s name.
  2. Now, beside their name, you’ll see a button that says “Start a call.” To contact the individual or persons, just click on it.
  3. During the conversation, you’ll be given the option to mute your microphone, switch on your camera, share your screen, and even send replies from a separate window. You may also add extra persons to the call from the left-top corner.
  4. Simply press the Leave button to end the call.

That’s all there is to it! Calls are more advanced than huddles since they enable you to use your camera and communicate your responses with your colleagues.

Is it possible for my boss to view my Slack messages?

Your employer can simply monitor everything you do on a company-provided digital device or work platform, including the emails, instant chats, and texts you send and receive, if you use one.

It’s easy to understand how workers would mistakenly believe that since they’re using Slack, the popular workplace communication software, their direct messages (DMs) are only available to those in their small user group.


Slack, which stands for Searchable Log of All Conversations and Knowledge, began as a tool for team members to connect with one another, but it has now grown into a more social platform.

This does not, however, mean that it does not collect a large quantity of information about you. It will either gather information that has been voluntarily supplied to it or information that has been generated automatically as a consequence of merely utilizing it.

You should also consider if Slack is the most appropriate platform for the conversations you’ll be sending. In most circumstances, you shouldn’t publish anything in there that you wouldn’t say out loud in front of a colleague.

During a court lawsuit or other comparable inquiry, even private channels and direct messages (DMs) might have their contents disclosed.

During these times of remote working, if you absolutely need to send that nasty message, it could be worth considering utilizing another, encrypted platform, or simply not saying it at all.

If you want to use a more encryption-focused messaging software on your PC, check out our guide on how to use Signal with Windows 11.

Alternatively, since Microsoft Teams’ popularity has been expanding over time, you may want to check out our short explanation on how to utilize it with Windows 11.

Finally, if you’re looking for ways to improve your privacy, check out our post on the top five security improvements in Windows 11 to see what you’ll need on top of them.

Let us know if you found this post useful and if you prefer huddles over calls on Slack in the comments area below. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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The “how to join a slack huddle” is a question that many people have. The answer is that you can use the Slack Huddle feature in Windows 11.

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Whats the difference between a slack call and a huddle?

How do you use a slack huddle?

A: You need to have a slack channel and invite people who also want to do the huddle.

What is the Huddle feature in slack?

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