Vexmovies is a browser extension that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites. It’s now the most popular extension on Chrome, but recently some major changes have been made to it which has caused great controversy. This article will cover how VexMovies arrived at its current state, who runs it, what they do with your data and whether or not you should trust them in today’s climate of privacy concerns.

The “like losmovies” is a website that was created to replace the popular Vexmovies. Vexmovies has been shut down and will no longer be updated. The top 7 alternatives are: LosMovies, like Vexmovies, Mubi, Cinexo, Subscene, IMDB-XDL, 123MoviesHD and Putlockers.

Is Vexmovies safe? Top 7 alternatives

Many individuals are turning to internet streaming as a dependable means of viewing material as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video become more prevalent.

In this post, we’ll discuss Vexmovies and provide you with the best seven options.

Vexmovies is an online video streaming platform that offers hundreds, if not thousands, of on-demand movies and TV series. The majority of the stuff you’ll find here, on the other hand, is pulled from other streaming services and made available to the Vexmovie audience for free.


Piracy is the term for this action, and it isn’t precisely legal. There are also no assurances about the site’s security. While you’ll be able to browse the site and watch your preferred material, pirate sites are often loaded with pornographic advertisements and other clickbait content that may tempt users to download malware onto their devices.

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Because law enforcement officials often shut down such sites in their regions of authority, there’s a considerable possibility the site won’t be up and running when you attempt to view it. Furthermore, you may be concerned about the site’s content, structure, and the possible threats you face while accessing a piracy-related website.

The best seven Vexmovies alternatives are listed below. 

 In no way, shape, or form do we support or promote piracy. The content on these sites may be copyrighted or the intellectual property of a person or organization. In most nations, piracy is a criminal offense. We oppose it and advise you to follow your local laws.


SolarMovie is a clutter-free, basic, easy-to-use website with the most polished UI and surfing experience of the whole list.


The site also boasts a large library of TV shows and series from across the globe, all of which are streamed with the same features as Netflix. Each film or television program includes a summary, IMDB ratings, and other pertinent information. 

SolarMovie may be found here.

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123Movies, another famous movie streaming and downloading service, has a lot of proxies floating around the internet, making it difficult to discover the genuine site. However, once you’ve done so, everything else is a piece of cake. 


For such a simple site, the selection is astounding. Pop-up adverts, on the other hand, may be rather annoying.

You may go to 123Movies by clicking here.


Crackle is without a doubt one of the top free internet streaming platforms. Furthermore, the service is owned by Sony Pictures, giving it a higher level of credibility than almost every other inclusion on our list.


Not only do you receive a ton of movies and TV episodes, but you also get the most up-to-date film information. Users may sign up to get notifications about new and forthcoming films. If you’re in Asia, you’ll need a VPN to use this service.

Crackle may be found here.

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eMovies is a well-designed website with hundreds of movies and television shows from across the globe. The site is also quite active, and the most recent releases should be available in a few days. 


The site has information from 12 different nations, including India, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. 

eMovies may be found here.


When searching for a website to watch movies or TV episodes, Primewire should be your final option. It’s bad not because of its poor collection or performance or reliability concerns, but because of its dreadful user interface. 


Apart from the crowded UI, you’d receive everything you’d expect from a streaming service: fantastic programs, decent performance, short buffering times, and even tailored playlists.

Primewire may be found here.

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This site contains a massive collection of digital material from all around the world hidden behind its unassuming front page. The homepage’s minimalist design is a nod to 123Movies.


Vumoo’s biggest feature is its dependability. If you go on to the site, you can be certain that anything you’re attempting to view will begin playing immediately rather than taking hours to buffer. 

Vumoo may be found here.


Popcornflix is another another well-designed and well-organized website with a massive library of movies and television series from across the globe. The site is also quite stable, with few instances of performance or reliability concerns. 


There’s also a section called ‘Viral Vids,’ which contains viral videos from various social media sites. Just in case you got tired of the site’s hundreds of movies and TV series. 

Popcornflix may be found here.

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Vexmovies is a website that allows users to watch movies for free. However, the site has been removed from the internet and there are no alternatives available. The “vexmovies 2021” is a top 7 list of websites that allow users to watch movies for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vexmovies legal?

A: Yes. Vexmovies is completely legal and contains no copyrighted material, so you can watch it at any time without fear of repercussions from the law.

What is better than Vumoo?

A: I cannot answer this question.

What is the best bootleg movie site?

A: There are many great bootleg movie sites on the internet. I recommend that you check out one of my favorites called The Pirate Bay because they always have an abundance of different movies and TV shows to watch for free!

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