A Guide on How to Open, Edit, and Convert XVO Files

XVO stands for “x-video overlay.” It’s a type of video codec that allows you to add special effects to your videos. The XVO files are used by the RatDVD software. XVO files are also known as ratDVD Internal files. They accompany codice_1 files in the AV_TS folder, which is contained in any DVD ripped using the ratDVD software. All of the various video and audio tracks on a disc are stored inside one or more XVO files, with each track having its own file extension.


This makes it easy for ratDVD to know which files in the AV_TS folder go together, and how they should be loaded when the disc is processed. All of these files are uncompressed in an AV_TS folder with ZIP compression, though only one XVO file will be opened at a time.

How to Open an XVO File

A number of files normally accompany XVO files, like XML, IFO, and VSI files, all of which are contained in an AV_TS folder and then ZIP -compressed to a format that the ratDVD software can recognize.

To open an XVO file you must have the ratDVD DVD ripper installed on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the program, follow these steps to open an XVO file:

1) Run the ratDVD DVD Ripper application.

2) Click “Open” next to the XVO file you want to rip.

3) The program will automatically load the corresponding XML, IFO, and VSI files.

4) When the conversion process has finished, click “Save As”.

5) Choose a location where you’d like to save the converted files, and then press “OK”.

6) If you’re done, close the program.

7) Now you can playback the newly created files on your computer.

8) Enjoy!

RatDVD is a powerful tool for ripping DVDs.

How To Convert An XVO File Into Another Format

If you want to convert an XVO file into another format like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, etc., then use the free program called XVideoConverter. This program can easily convert all types of XVO files into other formats. You just need to select the output format from a list of available options.

XVO files are the actual video files that make up an.RATDVD file. When XVO files are contained within this.RATDVD format, the ratDVD software decompresses the RATDVD file to use its contents for building a DVD.

So, just to be clear, the XVO files themselves don’t actually open in the ratDVD program unless they exist in the.RATDVD file format.

To use XVO files with ratDVD, you must compress the AV_TS folder and Version.XML file together with ZIP compression, and then rename the.ZIP file to a .RATDVD file.

You can use a free file zip/unzip program 7-Zip to create a ZIP file, but just be sure that the compression level is set to “none” so that the data is just stored in a.ZIP file and not actually compressed.

The conversion process is fairly simple:

1. Extract the.XVO file from the.RATDVD file using any unzipping software. You may need to select the option to extract only the files that are newer than the current date.

2. Rename the extracted file to a new name, such as “XVO.avi”.

3. Create a new .RATDVD file containing your converted XVO file.

4. Compress the newly created.RAT5. Delete the original.XVO file.

6. Save the new.RATDVD file somewhere else on your hard drive.

7. Copy it back onto your DVD disc.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a playable copy of the XVO file on your DVD disc.

How to Rip an XVO File

XVO files contain a lot of information about the content of a DVD movie. In addition to the video itself, XVO files also include metadata, chapters, subtitles, audio tracks, etc., all of which can be used by the ratDVD software when creating a DVD.

To convert an XVO file into a.RATDVD file, you must first download the ratDVD DVD ripper program. After installing the program, follow these steps to convert an XVO file into a.RATDVD file:

Open the ratDVD DVD ripper application.

Select the XVO file that you want to convert.

When the conversion process has finished, click “Save As.”

Still Can’t Open the File?

While an XVO file is a video file, it can’t be converted by most free file converters because it’s only part of an extracted.RATDVD file. If your computer won’t read the XVO file, there might be some reason why:

1. The file has been corrupted or damaged.

2. You’re trying to open a file on a different operating system than what the file was created on.

3. Your antivirus software may have blocked the file from being opened.

4. The file type isn’t supported by Windows Explorer.

5. The file is too large for Windows Explorer to handle.

6. The file contains special characters that aren’t allowed in filenames.

If none of those options work, try opening the file with another program that supports the same file extensions.