If you’re experiencing some frustrating issues with your Samsung smartphone after updating it to the latest software, there is a pretty simple fix.

The “samsung touch screen not working after drop” is a problem that many Samsung users encounter. One solution for the issue is to use a different app on your phone.

Learn how to fix your Samsung’s touch screen not working, unresponsive screen, or frozen screen after an update with these 11 effective solutions!

Every user should upgrade their smartphone to the current OS version on a regular basis to enhance performance and add new features. That isn’t always the case, however. Users may have troubles with their phones following the upgrade. One of these concerns is a touch screen that is unresponsive.

Don’t panic if your phone’s screen stops functioning after an upgrade; you can repair it yourself. In this post, I’ll go through several tried-and-true ways to get your Samsung touch screen to function again after an update.

So, let’s get started with a real-world situation!

After an OS update, a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ user experiences touch screen unresponsiveness.

After updating the operating system, the touch screen has become unresponsive.

The phone is stuck at the “draw pattern” portion after an update (couldn’t tell you which one) and I can’t turn it off since the screen doesn’t detect my taps.

Holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds will reset it, but it will not work. Safe mode is ineffective, and I’ve looked online for solutions, but all of the information I’ve seen is for phones that do turn on but have sluggish touch displays.

I’m just waiting for the battery to die so I can attempt the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons technique, but is there anything else I can do till I go to the shop tomorrow?

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Let us now look at the factors – Why Does My Samsung Screen Become Unresponsive?

Why Isn’t My Samsung Touch Screen Working?

There are a few reasons why the screen on your Samsung phone isn’t functioning. Some of the causes are listed below.

  • When your phone’s screen is broken, it might result in a touch screen that is unresponsive.
  • When certain programs get corrupted, the touch screen becomes insensitive.
  • The operating system was installed incorrectly.
  • Your touch screen will not operate if the phone’s hardware is broken.

So, these are some of the causes of touch screen issues on Samsung phones and tablets.

Now we’ll look at how to repair a Samsung touch screen that won’t operate after an upgrade.

Note: All of the solutions listed below will work with Samsung phone models such as the Samsung A50/A31/A51/A21s, Samsung Galaxy J6/J7/J4/J8/A20/A30s/A30/A10/M30/A4 Plus/J6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy C series, and all other Samsung phone models.

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Solution 1: Force Your Samsung Device to Reboot

To solve an unresponsive touch screen on a Samsung Android phone, you may forcibly restart it. This will improve the performance of your phone.

Press and hold the Volume and Power buttons for at least 25 seconds to do this.

Force Reboot Your Samsung Phone To Fix Samsung Touch Screen Not Working After Update

Solution 2: Discard the SIM and Memory Cards

When you use your phone for many purposes, it warms up, which affects its functionality. Your phone’s screen will become unresponsive as a result of this. You may solve it by removing your Samsung phone’s SIM card and memory card.

Remove SIM And Memory Card To Fix Samsung Touch Screen Not Working After Update

However, before you do so, unmount your SIM and external memory card to avoid losing data on your phone.

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Enter Safe Mode as a third option.

By booting your smartphone into safe mode, you may also address Samsung touch screen not functioning after a drop or upgrade. This will turn off all third-party applications, and if your screen still works, it suggests the apps are to blame. You must also locate and remove them.

The procedures to enter safe mode on a Samsung phone are listed below.

Step 1: Until the Power menu displays on the screen, press and hold the Power buttons.

Step 2: Then, on the screen, press and hold the Power off option.

Step 3: You will now get a notice advising you to reboot into safe mode.

Step 4: Simply press the OK button to put your smartphone into safe mode. On the bottom left side of the screen, you can see the Safe Mode text.

Enter Safe Mode To Fix Samsung Touch Screen Not Working After Update

Check to see whether your phone’s screen is operational. If it works, the programs are to blame, and you must locate and remove them. If the screen is still not functioning, go to the next step.

Solution 4: Remove the batteries.

The replaceable battery functionality is no longer available on Samsung phones. If you have an older Samsung model phone or if your phone has this function, you need first remove the phone cover before removing the battery. Re-insert it and turn on your smartphone after a few minutes.

If your phone doesn’t have a detachable battery, however, some smartphones include an inbuilt mechanism that simulates battery draw. You may look up how to accomplish this for your phone model on Google.

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5th Solution: Improve Device Performance

If your Samsung phone or tablet’s touch screen isn’t functioning, you can improve the device’s functionality. This will check for unused storage space and other problems, improving the overall speed of your phone and resolving the screen not functioning issue.

To do so, go to your phone’s Settings app and choose Device care. Then press the Optimize Now button.

Remove the Screen Protector (solution 6)

If you use a screen protector to protect your phone’s screen from dust, water drops, damage, or scratches, and your screen protector becomes broken or scratched, this might result in an unresponsive touch screen.

To repair this, remove the screen protector from your phone and check to see whether it works properly.

Install an anti-virus/anti-malware program.

If you can install apps from the Google Play Store, you should check your phone with an anti-malware or anti-virus program. Perhaps this will solve the touch screen issue.

Solution 8: Use Samsung Apps to calibrate the touch screen

You can calibrate your phone’s touch screen and increase its accuracy and responsiveness with applications from the Google Play Store. When your phone’s screen isn’t functioning or responding slowly, these applications come in handy.

All you have to do is open the Google Play Store app on your phone and search for “touch screen calibration.” You will find some results here. Before you install an app, look at the ratings and read the reviews.

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Solution 9: Check Your Samsung Phone’s Display

On the Google Play Store, you may find a number of applications that can help you detect a touch screen issue on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

These apps will assist you in determining the source of the issue on your phone’s screen. We suggest using Display Tester among all of the programs.

To proceed, first download the app from the Google Play Store and then follow the procedures outlined below.

Step 1: On your phone, launch the Display Tester app.

Step 2: Next, choose the Tests tab.

Diagnose The Samsung Phone Display Using Display Tester App To Fix Touch Screen Not Working

Step 3: Here you’ll discover a variety of alternatives for testing the problem from various angles. You may use this program to identify dead pixels, burn-in on OLED panels, multi-status, saturation and contrast accuracy, and more.

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Solution ten: Perform a factory reset in recovery mode on your Samsung phone.

You may also do a factory reset on your Samsung phone to address an unresponsive touch screen. Because a factory reset would destroy all data from your phone, it is recommended that you back up your data first and then reset your phone.

Now, to repair Samsung touch screen not functioning after update, follow the instructions below to factory reset your Samsung phone in recovery mode.

First, turn off your phone.

Step 2: Hold the Power and Volume buttons together until the choices display on the screen.

Step 3: Next, choose Recovery Mode from the drop-down menu. To access the choices, use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, then pick the option using the Power button. Your phone has now entered recovery mode.

Step 4: Using the Volume Down button, highlight “Wipe data/factory reset” and select it with the Power button.

Wipe Data/Factory Reset Android


Step 5: Select “reboot system immediately” to restart your phone after the wiping procedure is complete.

Note: If you forget to back up any crucial information, you may recover erased data from your Samsung phone using the Android Data Recovery program.

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Solution 11: Look for any external damage on the Samsung device.

If your Samsung phone’s hardware is damaged, it may cause the touch screen to stop operating. If this is the case, you should take your phone to a service facility for repair. They’ll take care of the problem by fixing the hardware. Tell them you don’t want your phone’s data to be lost in the process.

Wrap Up

I understand how inconvenient it is to be unable to utilize your phone’s touch screen. However, by using the aforementioned options, you can now utilize the phone’s screen without difficulty. I’ve included all of the probable ways for fixing a Samsung touch screen that won’t operate after an upgrade. However, if they are unable to resolve the problem, you should seek assistance from a Samsung repair shop.

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The “how to fix unresponsive touch screen samsung” is a question that has been asked many times. If you have a Samsung phone and the touch screen isn’t working, there are several things you can try before taking it in for repair.

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